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The Law Offices of John Henry Browne P.S., provides aggressive criminal defense against felony charges in state, federal, and appellate courts in Seattle and throughout the State of Washington.  We regularly defend clients accused of the various crimes you see on the right.

Firm founder John Henry Browne (JHB) and Emma Scanlan are top-ranked attorneys known for their aggressive defense of clients and decades of obtaining successful results. 

  • John Henry Browne and Emma Scanlan have taken 350 cases to trial.
  • John Henry Browne and Emma Scanlan have received 12 not guilty homicide verdicts – two were aggravated murder charges, as well as numerous not guilty verdicts in other cases.
  • John Henry Browne and Emma Scanlan have represented 16 law enforcement officers, including three police of chiefs, and all but 1 resulted in not guilty verdicts or dismissal.

Government statistics indicate citizens are arrested and charged falsely.  We see this on a regular basis. At the Law Offices of John Henry Browne P.S. we guide our clients and their families through the criminal justice system. 

  • Federal Court Criminal Defense

  • State Court Criminal Defense

  • Cybercrime

  • Drug Crimes

  • Murder & Homicide

  • Assault

  • state & federal Fraud

  • juveniles charged with violent offenses

  • Domestic violence

  • Challenging complex cases

  • Sex Crimes

  • Arson



"Emma Scanlan is the best

I highly recommend Emma Scanlan. I was facing 5 to 10 years in prison, and this matter resolved with me being sentenced to 6 months in work release. Ms. Scanlan worked my case with care and thoroughly explained every option to me. Ms. Scanlan was courteous and professional, and her communication was consistent and timely. I felt at ease during the whole process because I was confident that Ms. Scanlan was working hard on my behalf. I was very happy with the outcome of my case and you will be as well if you hire Ms. Scanlan.”
— 5 Stars - Avvo


State Court Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with violating a criminal statute in the State of Washington, it is critical that you contact an experienced defense attorney who can help you minimize your punishment or possibly avoid conviction.  If you are convicted, your sentencing will depend on the court's determination of the severity of your crime.  There are three classes of felonies, Class A being the most serious and Class C being the least serious.  For instance, if you are convicted of first degree murder, the most serious level of Class A felonies, you could face more than 20 years in prison or even the death penalty, whereas a conviction for second degree theft, a Class C nonviolent felony, may result in substantial fines and two months of jail time.  No matter the charge, conviction of a felony is a serious matter that can substantially impact your life.  Consult with an experienced attorney who can advise you on your rights and represent you in court.

Federal Court Criminal Defense

The U.S. government has enacted a substantial body of federal criminal statutes, including many laws governing drug crimes.  In addition, crimes under state law can become federal crimes if any part of the offense was committed across state borders.  If you have been charged with violating a federal statute, you may be tried and, if convicted, sentenced under complex advisory   federal sentencing guidelines.  If you have been charged with violating a federal criminal statute, contact an attorney who is experienced at handling cases in the federal courts as soon as possible.


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